Protector: Miners
Patron: St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland
Born in Britain around 385, Patrick was still a child when he was
carried off by Irish raiders who took him to Ireland as a slave.  He
later fled, returned to his home, and was educated and instructed as
a priest.  He decided to dedicate himself to the spread of Christianity
in the places of his slavery, and in 432 he was sent to Ireland as a
missionary bishop.  He died in 461 (according to legend in 493, at
more than 100 years of age). His cult is universal.  
He is typically depicted in bishop's clothes, sometimes with a clover
as attribute.  He is invoked for liberation from Hell, for the souls in
Purgatory, and against rabies.
Lorica of St. Patrick
Established 1890
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