A young Christian patrician, Cecilia (Cecily) lived in the 3rd century
and was betrothed to a pagen named Valerius.  Maintaining her
vow of virginity, she converted her husband, who accepted
baptism and died a martyr.  Cecilia refused to sacrifice to the
idols and was beheaded.  The figure of this saint is closely tied to
music, perhaps because the passion that relates her story refers
to how during her wedding "as the organs were playing.  Cecilia
sung in her heart to the Lord."  Since the 14th century it has been
customary to depict her together with musical instruments,
particularly an organ.
Prayer to St. Cecelia
Established 1890
1219 Second Avenue South      Nashville, TN 37210
S A I N T   C E C I L I A