Protector: Orphans, prisoners, shipwrecked persons,
pregnant women, sterile women, sick children, glaziers,
and conscripts.
Born at Lisbon in 1195, Anthony entered the order of
Austin Canons but became a Franciscan in 1220, struck
by the martyrdom of several Franciscan friars in
Morocco.  He was a preaching friar, greatly gifted at
oratory, and taught in several European universities.  He
settled in Padua, where he dedicated himself exclusively
to preaching.  He died in 1231 and was canonized in
1232, only eleven months after his death.  In 1946, he
was declared a Doctor of the Church.
He is depicted in a Franciscan cowl with a book, bread,
flame, heart, lily and the Christ Child.  He is invoked in
finding all lost things and by women seeking husbands.
Established 1890
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