Established 1890
1219 Second Avenue South      Nashville, TN 37210
F I R S T   E U C H A R I S T
Eucharist, from Greek, means "to give thanks."  It is a celebration of
Christ's gifts - especially the gift of worshipping God the Father as a
community.  Eucharist has held a central place of prominence in the
Church from the very beginning.  Every time we gather for Eucharist,
we take part in the great mystery of faith.  We believe that this
sacred bread and wine are the body and the blood of Jesus.  When
we eat his body and drink his blood, we will have eternal life.  It's not
mere symbolism.  It celebrates our being fully committed and united
to the Catholic Church, its structures, its sacraments, and its
First Eucharist is celebrated by children who are 7-8 years of age
and by adults who enter the Church through RCIA.  Non- Catholic
adults interested in Catholicism and parents interested in their child's
preparation for First Eucharist should contact our Parish Office
He took bread and when he had given thanks
he broke it and gave to them, saying,
"This is my body which is given up for you.
Do this in memory of me."
Luke 22:19